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There are indeed many good digital camera under $200 on the market, but what caught my attention was the Canon PowerShot ELPH 330 HS. In fact, I honestly think it  is one of best point and shoot camera under $200 for both its image quality and handling. While there is no perfect camera for everyone, this candidate may be yours as it is for many other satisfied customers out there.

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True wide angle lens 24mm equivalent with 10x zoom

Unlike many other point and shoot cameras on the market, the PowerShot ELPH 330 HS comes with a true wide angle lens, a 24mm equivalent at its shortage end. This focal length is very useful for any street shooter and wide enough for most landscape application. Though 24mm is not short enough for interior shots, but for family and indoor parties, the lens will cover your needs.

Not just being a get-it-all-in-frame camera, the 10x zoom (which makes an equivalent of 240mm on full-frame) will be nearly excessive for most of us when photographing objects from a long distance.

While the cost of production and selling price does not allow a small f-number (fast aperture), a maximum of f3-6.9 on this camera is useful for all general applications. Shooting at good lighting condition and the camera will be at its absolute best. If you need to take picture at night, or darker conditions, there is the very handy and famous Canon Image Stabilization. Furthermore, a definite advantage of this Canon point and shoot to other cameras in its price range is that it produces very sharp images.

12 megapixel CMOS sensor

The ELPH 330 HS is armored with a 12 megapixel CMOS sensor at its heart. Noteworthy that CMOS technology is now used on most professional cameras for its low light performance. In addition to the sensor technology, Canon is clever enough to pack only 12 million pixels to the 1/2.3 inches sensor for a good balance between resolution and pixel size. As a word of reminder, bigger sensor size will make the camera perform better in low light.

DIGIC 5 Processor

Although this processor technology is 2012, there are some remarkable uses of the DIGIG 5 on Canon’s best digital cameras such as its flagship compact camera S110 and several DSLRs. This processor will ensure instant image processing and you can shoot the next photo in almost no time.


In my opinion, wifi technology has walked its way to everyone’s life. More or less it has become a standard in any point and shoot camera. Canon is famous for serving customers’ needs and its applications of any technology shows the demand for it in a market. With built-in wifi and a few presses of button, you can pair the camera with your smartphones, tablets, or computers and start transferring photos and videos for further editing and social sharing.

Being a plus with this feature, but I honestly think Canon can make the wifi function on this point and shoot camera better by improving the wifi transfer speed. And this is the most critical thumb down to this shooter.

Truly portable

If you have use an ELPH series camera before, you will notice very little changes in term of design and build quality. The Canon Powershot ELPH 330 HS is very light weight and tiny in size which make it truly portable. The camera measures 0.9 x 3.8 x 2.2 inches and weighs only 5.08 oz, which means that you can slip it in even the tightest jeans pocket. However, being small and light weight does not make this camera looks and feels cheap. The ELPH 330 HS does fit in hand firmly.

However, to keep the camera so small, Canon has traded of its button size on the back. And this is the last cons in the Canon Powershot ELPH 330 HS that we found. If you have big finger tips, you may find the controlling button a bit of a hassle. But most digital cameras of this size will be the same.

Face Recognition & Blink Detection

Both face recognition and blink detection are not new to Canon point and shoot cameras, what new is that this camera can detect up to 35 faces in one frame. Furthermore, the camera can track all these faces to make sure everyone is in sharp focus.

What do customers say about the Canon ELPH 330HS?

You probably think that listening to just one voice is not enough, I have also conducted a research to see how the customers feel about the camera when using the it.

What most users love about the Canon ELPH 330 HS is indeed the camera size. It is easily to slip into any pocket. Apart from the size, it is the photo quality both in term of sensor and lens quality. Some customers even compare and say that the image quality is 75% better than it produced by the best smartphone. Interesting comparison! I must also mention that customers love their ELPH 330 HS for its handling and ease of use. Even the lowest tech person can use this camera almost instantly.

Though there are lots of positive comments about this digital compact camera, some there are some frequent issues worth mentioning. Similar to what I said briefly above, customers say that they struggle to set up Wifi for the first time. However, once it is done correctly, the feature works really well. One thing a customer pointed out is that the print to wifi feature does not support printers that are older than the Canon Pixma 6230.

Some other customers also mentioned the absence of manual exposure but there are many scene modes that can ease the need for it. For the market this camera targets, I do not think it is necessarily to have manual modes, since it may make the camera more complicated to use.

There is a mix in opinions about the camera’s battery performance. Some say it is good, some do not. I personally think the battery life depends on your shooting style and camera settings. For example, if you take lots of videos, constantly reviewing photos or leave it on even when you do not use, sure the battery will exhaust quickly.

Can this camera be your choice for point and shoot camera? We need your opinion below.