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Fujifilm recently announce its latest member of the XP-series, the XP-200. Having all technologies and features from the best point and shoot camera, added with a rugged, full weather proof body, Fuji’s best waterproof camera (and the XP-series) is working its way to the top of the chart. This camera is a direct competitor to the rugged camera from other brands, such as the Olympus TG-2.

In a normal point and shoot camera review, we usually look at lens and sensor as the top factors.  However, we will look at the build quality and design first in this underwater camera review.

Unless you already know about the technical side of photography, we recommend you to read: What makes the best point and shoot camera.

[label style="important"]*Note[/label]We also have a sample video recorded underwater with this camera at the bottom of the review.

XP-200 Design and build quality |Fuji Finepix Xp-200 review

Our first impression of this camera is the cool design provided by the bold shape and strong contrast colors. The Fuji Finepix XP-200 is available in for colors to suit everyone’s taste, which are red-black, blue-black, yellow-black, and the classic black. In term of size and weight, we have to say that XP-200 is not the smallest or lightest point and shoot but it is all balanced out by the build quality.

This camera can go down to the water for as deep as 50 feet, which means you can take it with you on a normal diving session. In addition, the camera is fully dust-proof, and up to 6.6 feet in height shock-proof. Not only designed for using underwater and at dusty environments, the camera proves to be tough weather conqueror with its freeze-proof down to 14°F.

If you are into diving, mountaineering and discovery in hard-to-live weather conditions, you should definitely go for this kind of camera. With one of these in hand, you will not have to worry too much about scratching or dropping. That includes dropping in to water of course.

Now, back on to the usual highly important factor, we will check out what this camera offers in image quality.

Fuji Xp-200 weather proof

Fuji Xp-200 is fully weather proof

Sensor |Fuji Finepix Xp-200 review

The Finepix Xp-200 has a 16 megapixel CMOS sensor sized 1/2.3”. This sensor allows a reasonably high ISO ranges from 100 to 6400 which is good for low light.

Lens |Fuji Finepix Xp-200 review

The lens is placed on the top right corner (from front view) of the camera. It is a non-extending zoom lens. Optical zoom is controlled by internal moving lens elements, providing a broad range of focal lengths from wide angle to medium telephoto (28-140mm equivalency). This is a factor that makes the underwater camera thicker than usual, but is required to make it weather proof.

Having a maximum of F3.9-4.9 across the focal lengths, this zoom lens is not the fastest out of all point-and-shoot cameras. Though Fuji does not aim this camera at people who want nicely blurred background when shooting portrait, but 3.9 -4.9 is quite slow and has limited use in low light. However, this lens’ limitation is still acceptable with the high ISO and the built-in image stabilization.

Hi-Res Screen |Fuji Finepix Xp-200 review

3 inches screen may be a norm in cameras nowadays, but this waterproof camera has something more special than that. The back LCD that comes with the Fuji Finepix Xp-200 has 920k dots in term of resolution. That is the double amount of dots comparing to screens found in a normal point and shoot camera. Double the dots, crisper and cleaner the image.

Added Features |Fuji Finepix Xp-200 review

While details have only been made to the above 4, here are some additional features that make this beast even stronger.

  • Fuji has built a Wifi component into this camera so that you can quickly transfer photos and videos to smartphones and computers.
  • Delivered with a Lithium Ion battery pack lasting approximately 300 shots.
  • Internal memory of 39 megabyte
  • Accepts SD cards as external storage
  • 1080i full HD 60fps Video
  • 10fps shooting burst
  • 6 advanced in camera effects

Sample video